Winter 2024 Updates

Happy 2024! I hope your holiday season was restful and rejuvenating, and that you feel ready to kick off the new year.

I am excited to share with you a new training program that Pamela Prather Coaching will be offering this year–an “MBA”, in fact! Did I get your attention? Scroll to the bottom to learn more!

Last quarter was quite a busy one. In December, I held a session on mindset and “icebreaking” for an off-site executive team-building training, held at Los Poblanos, a historic inn and organic farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One attendee had the following to say:

I also was invited to lead a session on breath and presence for the Women’s Opportunity Workshop: an online training and panel presentation designed for young women interested in careers in finance and private equity. A big shoutout and thank you to Candice Richards, ESG/Compliance officer and Managing Director at MidOcean Partners, for inviting me to contribute to this event!

Now, back to the news at hand: Starting this year, I will be kicking off an “MBA” training program for executives: Mindset – Body/Breath – Action.

MINDSET. Ask yourself: What do you have in mind for 2024? I will help you define your intentions and write the script for the year you imagine, developing a personalized and purpose-filled growth mindset.

BREATH/BODY. How will you fuel your mindset? I will guide you through techniques to engage the innate power of your breath and body to overcome stagnation and set your dreams in motion.

ACTION. What are the actions you will take to ignite your intentions and empower your purpose? I will help you refine your personal pitch as you embody the legacy you are here to create.

Kick off your 1st quarter of 2024 with techniques that will help set the scene for your desired outcomes. Whether it’s over 3 hours or 3 months, we can help you and your team:

Elevate your mindset,
Energize your breath and body, and
Empower yourself into purpose-driven action.

As you know, Pamela Prather Coaching offers concierge coaching services that are customized and targeted to serve your particular needs. I am still providing my regular offerings, like “Power & Presence” coaching, which 60+ CEOs found useful and enlightening at a S2G Ventures summit last May in Chicago.

Whether you or your team are looking to elevate your power and presence this year, or earn your “MBA” in mindset, body/breath, and action, don’t hesitate to reach out to my assistant, Emily, at to set up your own personal Chemistry Call with me, or just to get some additional sessions on the books. And to keep up with PPC’s goings-on, check out the “Coach’s Corner” page here.

Happy New Year!

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