The Voice Coach’s Toolkit

A Comprehensive Guide for Students, Early Career and Seasoned Voice Coaches

How Voice Coaches Do What They Do

Are you looking to jump into a new career helping others amplify their voices? Are you currently a voice coach who is curious about expanding into other areas of coaching?

The Voice Coach’s Toolkit highlights a variety of resources that new and seasoned vocal coaches alike can use to succeed and expand their career. The book can be read in sections or as a whole, making it useful for coaches who are currently in the field or those who want to learn more about voice coaching.

What is a Voice Coach?

A “voice coach” is defined as someone who coaches the spoken voice (as opposed to the singing voice) in three areas: 

These three coaching worlds are broadly defined, but addressed in depth in the book. Each area includes extensive interviews and practical advice from top coaches along with Pamela’s personal expertise.

About the Author

Hi there! I’m Pamela, and I am passionate about helping curious humans unlock their voices and sparkle. Throughout my 20+ year career, I’ve been an on-air talent, a tenured professor, an author, on faculty at NYU and Yale School of Drama, and a voice/dialect coach for Tony and Academy Award winning actors. My roster of past and current corporate clients include: Spotify, Facebook, PepsiCo, NetFlix, Yale School of Management,  AT&T, H.I.G. Capital, The Carlyle Group, Piper Sandler, APAX Partners, TA Associates and many others.

Today, you can find me fueling that same passion behind the scenes at Pamela Prather Coaching, where I’ve hand-picked a dream team of experts to help business executives amplify their presence utilizing an array of specialized training.

In addition, I am thrilled to finally share The Voice Coach’s Toolkit with you. I have absolutely fallen in love with my career, and I couldn’t help but put some of my experience down in words to help new coaches blossom and experienced coaches expand their careers.

Owning The Voice Coach’s Toolkit is like owning a piece of my experience and wisdom that you can take with you as you learn more about the field of voice coaching. Plus, I’ve decided to throw in a downloadable freebie of my favorite breathing exercises that you can use on your own or draw inspiration from. (pun intended!) All you need to do is click ‘Gain Access to Freebie’ below!

Voice coach Pamela

“This book, in my mind, is a kind of valentine, an acknowledgement of some of the shoulders that I stand upon and the voices behind the voice. I am so grateful to have spoken to over 50 luminaries in the field. I hope this book offers a glimpse into what a career as a voice coach might look like.”

Pamela Prather, Author of The Voice Coach’s Toolkit

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Use the exercise to practice on your own or implement elements into your blossoming career. 

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"Pamela Prather takes her readers on a remarkable deep dive into the expansive world of voice coaching. This engaging toolkit succeeds at conveying the nuance and complexity involved in professional voice care, all while maintaining a uniquely flowing and conversational writing style."
"What an honor to be included in Pamela Prather’s remarkably inspiring and practical The Voice Coach’s Toolkit. Her interviews of world renown leaders of this field make the reader feel they are in the room listening to personal conversations and stories–gleaning the pathways so they can join in and enter this profession themselves."
"The Voice Coach’s Toolkit by Pamela Prather is an invaluable resource for new and established voice, speech and dialect coaches who want to build a career. In an ever expanding field, this book brings together the numerous strands - both methodologies and practitioners - to provide ways and means for navigating training, best practices in teaching and coaching, and building a profitable business."
"Providing a comprehensive introduction to the field of voice coaching and full of wonderful advice from experienced voice coaches, The Voice Coach's Toolkit is an excellent resource both for the beginner and the established professional."
Pamela Prather Coaching Group Coaching

Invest in Your Career

There is no shortage of resources for voice coaches. However, not all are experience-based or made specifically to help you launch your career.

By buying The Voice Coach’s Toolkit, you are investing not only in yourself, but pages packed with wisdom from a professional coach who has worked with everyone from up-and-coming students to broadway stars. You are investing in an in-depth resource that walks you through your career options and what you need to know as you dive in.

Toolkit Sneak Peek

Sometimes you need a taste of what you’re getting into. We understand!

Here’s our table of contents, highlighting what you can expect from The Voice Coach’s Toolkit.

  1. What is a Voice Coach?
  2. The Voice Coach as Teaching Artist
  3. The Professional Voice Coach for Actors
  4. The Professional Voice User Coach
  5. Vocal Health for the Voice Coach
  6. Words of Wisdom: Interviews with Experts
Pamela’s new book
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