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Pamela’s new book

The Voice Coach’s Toolkit: 
How Vocal Coaches Do What They Do

Pamela’s new book just released in March 2023! 

Coach’s Corner

January 2024

Happy 2024! I hope your holiday season was restful and rejuvenating, and that you feel ready to kick off the new year. I am excited to share with you a new training program that Pamela Prather Coaching will be offering this year–an “MBA”, in fact! Did I get your attention?

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October 2023

Happy October! As we gear up for 2024, I am very excited to share with you a brand new program I have developed called “Executive Communication Intensive + Private Targeted Coaching.” This program will take up to 8 participants and include multiple iterations of both small-group and individual training. Intensive,

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Summer 2023

Hello, beautiful humans! I hope you are having a restful and restorative summer thus far. I am sending you this Q3 update just before taking a break myself. I am dedicating the month of July to writing (my new book!), rejuvenation, and, of course, a bit of recreation! I will

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white-passing hands holding a copy of The Voice Coach's Toolkit.

Spring 2023 Updates

Happy April Fool’s Day! It is no joke that Q1 went by so quickly. I hope this email finds you healthy and happy. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I’ve spent the last three years working on my book, The Voice Coach’s Toolkit. I am thrilled to say that, at

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Blonde, white-passing woman teaching with a slideshow that reads "elevator pitch" behind her.

Winter 2022 Updates

Hello, beautiful humans! I hope you are having some time to rest and digest 2022, and that your first week of 2023 is propelling you into the year you are imagining. For me, 2022 was a year of completing things: I finished my book, The Voice Coach’s Toolkit, which you

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Large screen depicting a slide with people in a professional coaching setting.

Fall 2022 Updates

Can you believe we are already half way through October? We are enjoying the cooler weather and fall colors here in New Mexico. Autumn is a wonderful time to take some time to come together as a group to grow your “on-stage” performance skills and develop a stronger presence. In

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