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The PPC Path to Peak Performance

In today’s world, business executives are expected to sound and look ready to deliver a TED Talk at any moment. “All the world’s a stage”, and you need to authentically play the part of a C-suite Executive. Are you prepared to deliver your Academy Award winning performance? 

If you’re not, don’t panic. Research shows that more people are afraid of public speaking than of dying! As an added layer, there’s a common misconception that exceptional speakers have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality that enables them to capture any room’s attention and perform actor-quality presentations. 

The good news is that those “qualities” are simply a set of skills — skills that can be acquired, “rehearsed,” and cultivated through professional training. Actors spend years at places like Yale School of Drama, where Pamela was on faculty for eight years, to make it look natural. At Pamela Prather Coaching, we’ve distilled the best practices of professional actor training and executive coaching to help you learn those skills. We create customized tools to level up authentic presence so you can reach your peak performance.

Our Services:

Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients
Executive Coaching
Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients

At Pamela Prather Coaching, we address:

Communication Clarity Using Your Authentic Voice

It's true what they say - it's not just about what you say, it's also about how you say it!

Effective Deck Delivery

Don't leave your meetings or lectures wondering if your audience "got it." Deliver that deck with confidence!

Tools to Minimize Up-speak

We give you the tools necessary to minimize the amount of words necessary to deliver your message.

Fillers and Vocal Fry

Minimizing the "ums" and pauses during any presentation can help give a speaker confidence and keep the audience engaged.

Zoom/Virtual Presence

While we live in a virtual world, it is possible to have a professional meeting that also conveys your “in person” presence.

Dialect Enhancement Coaching

When your message reaches a worldwide audience, make sure they can clearly understand what you are saying.

Clear & Concise Responses

They have questions, so let’s make sure your answers are to the point and easy to understand!

Effective Meeting Management

Don’t be another contributor to those ever dreaded business meetings. Lead your next meeting with confidence, concise delivery and clarity.

Speaking is hard work. Pamela helped me gain power and control over my voice. Pamela will teach you how to get power from your diaphragm, how to relax, and how to project. There’s a reason why actors sound so good— they have voice coaches. Pamela has the rare skill of knowing how to coach those of us who aren’t actors. Each session with Pamela is a workout and it is also good fun.

Barry Nalebuff | Milton Steinbach Professor | Yale School of Management | Co-Founder of Honest Tea
Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients
The PPC Path to Peak Performance
Chemistry Call

Step 1: Chemistry Call

When you book a free Chemistry Call with Pamela Prather Coaching, you'll enjoy a complimentary brainstorming session with our founder, Pamela. You'll have the opportunity to share your needs, goals, and challenges and learn how we can help you. Then you will be paired with a coach that fits your goals and personality.

Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients

Step 2: Pick a Plan

You've met your new coach, and now it's time to choose your plan for success! Our clients can choose from pre-packaged plans, or our team can create a custom plan to suit your individual needs, goals, and challenges. Whichever path you choose, our uniquely-trained coaches will strive to exceed your expectations!

Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients

Step 3: Level Up

Public speaking is hard work and can feel scary. But is it really more terrifying than death? Successful executives make space for both fear and excitement and learn how to channel one energy to propel the next. They are ready to feel the rush - and drive the action forward by coming in warmed up, delivering the message on point, and wowing their audience every single time.

Level Up Your Executive Presence

Did you know that research shows 38% of perception is through vocal tone alone? Gaining a deeper understanding of your own presence and better control over your voice can prevent you from nervous presentations, inauthentic self-representation, and generally unpolished communication. Imagine walking into your next big meeting empowered with the skills and confidence you’ve always dreamed of. At Pamela Prather Coaching, we know the secret to success, and the tools are within your reach!

Ready for an upgrade in confidence?

We have the secret.

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