Spring 2024 Updates

We often start the new year excited, setting goals and thinking about our vision for the future. Then a year goes by, and we wonder where the time went! I’d like to talk about this from both my personal and professional perspective.

From a personal perspective: for the last two years, I’ve been wanting to take Spanish because I’ve traveled to Spanish-speaking countries more frequently of late. This year, I got tired of seeing goals of mine that never went anywhere. I decided to smart small–think Atomic Habits by James Clear–so I started using the app Duolingo every day! I’ve made some excellent progress in this first quarter, and I’m excited for how my language skills will continue to progress through the rest of this year.

I am also celebrating the one-year anniversary of The Voice Coach’s Toolkit, a book I wrote during COVID that has been my gift to the field of Voice and Speech. If you are curious about being a voice coach, or are new to the field, this book is for you. I’m curious about the goals you’ve set for yourself this year, and how far along you are in achieving them! Feel free to share them with me anytime.

From a professional perspective: With my clients, at the beginning of each year I share with them a “visionary statement” that they fill out and then revisit with me at the end of the year. I find that setting one every year, and reflecting back on it at the end of the year, has helped me significantly in my own process. I also love sending these to my clients a year after our time coaching together for them to reflect upon the amazing progress they have made.

A very exciting update: I have completed my first full year of operating PPC after having completed my professorships! A long lasting relationship I cherish is with the Yale School of Management Executive Education program, where my Executive Coaching journey started, and where I continue to give periodic Playshops.

Something I am very proud of is that, at the end of March, I held my first team retreat and strategy session for my business with the PPC team! It feels good to be “walking the talk,” as it were: I am forever living in “growth mindset” and challenging myself, noticing my own limiting beliefs.

Until this point, I have always thought of my business like a speakeasy: all my work has been through word of mouth. But now, I am ready to take PPC to the next level of growth. For the first time, I’ve hired a marketing coach who will guide me in reaching out to new and existing contacts who could benefit from PPC’s services. Frankly, this step feels scary. But if I didn’t take this exciting step into growth, then I wouldn’t be “walking the talk.” In believing in my own authentic voice to elevate my business, I am acting as an example for the clients that I work with to use their own authentic voices to elevate themselves in their careers.

To my existing and past clients: If any of the work I’ve done with you over the years has impacted you positively, I would greatly appreciate you taking a moment of your time to send over a brief testimonial. This will help me out as I reach out to people whom I’ve never met before, to expand PPC’s reach and help more people experience the benefits of this work.

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