Amplify Your Voice

Enhance Your Executive Presence

Are you preparing for a roadshow, TED Talk, board meeting? We have the secret  – Actor Skills for Executives.

Amplify Your Voice

Enhance Your Executive Presence

Are you preparing for a roadshow, TED Talk, board meeting? We have the secret  – Actor Skills for Executives.

Level Up Your Executive Presence

In today’s world, business executives are expected to sound and look ready to deliver a TED Talk at any moment. “All the world’s a stage”, and you need to authentically play the part of a C-suite Executive. Are you prepared to deliver your Academy Award winning performance? 

If you’re not, don’t panic. Research shows that most people are more afraid of public speaking than of dying. As an added layer, there’s a common misconception that exceptional speakers have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality that enables them to capture any room’s attention and perform actor-quality presentations. 

The good news is that those “qualities” are simply a set of skills — skills that can be acquired, “rehearsed” and cultivated through professional training. Actors spend years at places like Yale School of Drama, where Pamela served on Faculty, to make it look natural. At Pamela Prather Coaching, we’ve distilled the best practices of professional actor training and executive coaching to help you learn those skills. We create customized tools to level up authentic presence so you can reach your peak performance.

What Makes Pamela Unique?

Throughout her 20+ year career, she been an on-air talent, a tenured professor, an author, on faculty at NYU and Yale School of Drama, and a voice/dialect coach for Tony and Academy Award winning actors.

Now, she is taking that experience and applying it to corporate leadership spanning many industries. Here you can see just a few of the amazing actors she has worked with!

Pamela coaching
Pamela coaching

Our Services:

Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients
Executive Coaching

Within these we address:

Communication Clarity using Your Authentic Voice

It’s true what they say - it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it!

Effective Deck Delivery

Don’t leave your meetings or lectures wondering if you audience “got it”, deliver that deck with confidence!

Tools to Minimize Up-Speak

We give you the tools necessary to minimize the amount of words necessary to deliver your message.

Fillers and Vocal Fry

Minimizing the "ums" and pauses during any presentation can help give the speaker confidence and keep the audience engaged.

Zoom/Virtual Presence

We live in a virtual world, it is possible to have a professional meeting that also conveys your “in person” presence.

Dialect Enhancement Coaching

When your message reaches a worldwide audience, make sure they can clearly understand what you are saying.

Clear & Concise Responses

They have questions, let’s make sure your answers are to the point and easy to understand!

Effective Meeting Management

Don’t be another contributor to those ever dreaded business meetings. Lead your next meeting with confidence, concise delivery and clarity.

A few of our clients

Pamela and her team have worked for over 20 years with top executives from Facebook, Spotify, Nike, and Pernod Ricard and have also created personalized communication and presence coaching for C-Suite Executives by referral at PepsiCo, Noom,,, Rapid 7, AGI, Progrexion and others. We’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with a plethora of major leaders in the financial world like HIG Capital, Bain Capital, The Carlyle Group, APAX Partners, Silverlake, Global Endowment Group, Piper Sandler, Harren Equity Partners, TA Associates, M33, Paine Schwartz, and many of their portfolio companies to amplify their voices and clarify their messages.

Transform Your Business with Award-Winning Coaching

Our specialty is translating the power of theatre and acting into your day-to-day business life. Pamela Prather Coaching was born out of an educator-actor background and our team continues to witness first-hand the transformational power of theatrical and dialect training in the workplace. We excel at serving the growing needs of business clients and creating specialized niche training that really hits the mark in today’s global economy.

Our team is here to help you identify your goals, provide the tools needed to reach them, and support you every step of the way. Whether you have a team member who could use a boost in confidence and presence, you’re preparing for a roadshow or an annual board meeting, or you need some help communicating clearly, Pamela and each of our associate coaches are dedicated to creating customized plans that make a difference in your journey.

Ready to achieve the performance you want and deserve? Schedule a complimentary Chemistry Call today to start your path to growth!

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Testimonials that say it all
The PPC Path to Peak Performance
Chemistry Call

Step 1: Chemistry Call

When you book a free Chemistry Call with Pamela Prather Coaching, you'll enjoy a complimentary brainstorming session with our founder, Pamela. You'll have the opportunity to share your needs, goals, and challenges and learn how we can help you. Then you will be paired with a coach that fits your goals and personality.

Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients

Step 2: Pick a Plan

You've met your new coach, and now it's time to choose your plan for success! Our clients can choose from pre-packaged plans, or our team can create a custom plan to suit your individual needs, goals, and challenges. Whichever path you choose, our uniquely-trained coaches will strive to exceed your expectations!

Pamela Prather Coaching Working with Clients

Step 3: Level Up

Public speaking is hard work and can feel scary. But is it really more terrifying than death? Successful executives make space for both fear and excitement and learn how to channel one energy to propel the next. They are ready to feel the rush - and drive the action forward by coming in warmed up, delivering the message on point, and wowing their audience every single time.

Ready to amplify your voice and enhance your presence?
We’re here to help achieve your goals.

Don’t see a time above that works for you?

No problem! Just email and we’ll find a time that works!

Effective Storytelling Through Authentic Expression

A study conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian (UCLA) found that 38% of audience perception comes through vocal tone alone. Gaining a deeper understanding of your own presence and better control over your voice can prevent you from nervous presentations, inauthentic self-representation, and generally unpolished communication.

Can you imagine walking into your next big meeting empowered with the skills and confidence you’ve always dreamed of?

At Pamela Prather Coaching, we know the secret to success, and the tools are within your reach!

Coach’s Corner

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Winter 2024 Updates

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Fall 2023 Updates

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